Montana Island Lodge
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Seeley Lake, MT 59868
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Jane Fisher

"I am writing to thank you for all of your wonderful service. I have attended seminars all over the United States and have traveled the world, never have I been treated to such wonderful service. Every meal was outstanding and the snacks provided were of a pleasing variety. Every lunch and dinner was hot, fresh and quite tasty; then finished with a home made, sinfully delicious dessert. Perhaps the only thing that surpassed the accommodations and the food, is the absolutely incredible service provided by you and your staff. When given the opportunity to choose a venue for a seminar I will strongly recommend the Montana Island Lodge, as long as you are associated with the facility."

"Thank you beyond words. It was a spectacular day and I think we would like to return next year as well. With or without sunshine! I hope that is proof enough of just how wonderful we thought it was – you took such great care of all of us and you are probably the most professional person we have had the honor to work with. "

"Thank you not only for your most wonderful hospitality while I was at The Lodge with Larry Markson and our group but also to let you knoiw that you have a wonderful, very attentive and lovely staff. Everyone was just terrific in all ways possible. Please do let them know how much they were appreciated. You (Director, Jane Fisher) are an amazing person. Your caring ways, outstanding food and just who you are goes beyond words. I am not sure that I have ever met a sweeter and more compasionate person in my life! Please know how very much I appreciated all you did for me, for us.
And the Lodge...clean, beautiful and oh so special. What a fabulous place to live and visit. I only hope that I will have the chance to come back."
Michelle Geller-Vino, MGV MARKETING

"There is absolutely no venue in America that is more perfect than the incredibly fantastic Montana Mountain Lodge. That’s why I return 3 times every year, sharing this “little bit of heaven” with 25 clients each time. What makes the experience so incredible is Jane Fisher, an amazing hostess, and her entire team. If “5 Star Service” is considered the best, then we should add another star for them. It is impossible to have nicer, better and more service-oriented people attend to your every need. From the warmth and charm of the Lodge, to the food, freshly prepared each day after an early morning trip to the farm stands, I promise you will be raving as you digest the varied menu and delectable fare. Enjoy the Experience! "
Dr. Larry Markson, Founder - THE MASTERS CIRCLE

"Thank you for the hospitality extended to my staff. They all felt like they were in heaven! Nice working with you and I hope we can make arrangements next year! I know the staff will be coming in this morning feeling refreshed, energized and happy to have had the opportunity to stay with you."
Dianne Meinhardt, Vice President - COGSWELL INSURANCE AGENCY

"Thanks for everything. You guys do such a wonderful job and you take such terrific care of us. The whole premise of the group was to go somewhere different every year (somewhere in the Rockies) but many of the guys voted for coming back again next year as we have never had better service, food, and care than at Montana Island Lodge."

"Thank you for being such a great hostess and your hospitality during our recent stay at the lodge last week. The experience has changed my life forever. Thank you for being a part of that experience."
Gary Schaaf, GUEST

"Once again you have outdone yourselves. While the ambiance of the Lodge and the food are always terrific, it is the attention to detail that you and your great staff give to everything that keeps us coming back every year. Every year I feel compelled to ask where my board wants to hold our retreat. Every year they look at me like I’ve lost my mind—the Lodge is always the response."

"In all of my experience, you provide the best service from top to bottom. Beginning with the Lodge itself, I haven’t had nor can I imagine another place so well suited to have a group. It simply continues from there…from the comfortable chairs to the accessibility of flip charts and the easy way to hook a computer to the plasma screen to the wireless internet to the fireplace to the hot tub – you have the comfort of home with the access of business. And don’t even get me started on the food! Five star restaurants have nothing on you! Home made, fresh, organic by request, in fact anything by request! I would recommend you to anyone who wants impeccable service, delicious food, a magnificent location, and would like to work with a professional who knows how to anticipate almost any need. As always each visit to The Montana Island Lodge is better than the one before!"
James Schor, V.P./Director Marketing & Logistics - THE GARDEN COMPANY

Through the years, The Montana Island Lodge has welcomed some of the country’s most prestigious and noteworty organizations. Read their reviews of their experience below:



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Jane Fisher